relating opera to real life 1

Choose a topic from class that particularly interests you and relate it to a something in your life. This can be another genre of music or industry; something political, industrial or social in nature; something from pop culture; or anything else that you feel strongly relates to the material we have covered. An example might be: relating the themes of commedia dell’arte between “The Barber of Seville” and “The Simpsons”.
Using keywords and ideas from class, relate the two entities in a 5 page research paper. Papers should be submitted as a pdf document, double-spaced, and in 12 point Arial or Times font. Be sure to use proper citations for all references, using whichever form of citations you are most comfortable with. Be creative. The most important component is your commitment to your topic and relating keywords, ideas, composers, operas from our class. You should include a minimum of three composers, three musical examples, and 6 vocabulary terms/keywords from this semesters’ materials in your paper. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you a creative way to relate what we have learned to something you enjoy from your own life.
Topics to choose from: Operetta and Musical Theater, Ballet, Verismo Opera, Voice types in opera, Commedia dell’arte, Opera reform
Composers to include: Giacomo Puccini, Gioachino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, Peter Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky, Richard Wagner
Operas to include: The Barber of Seville, The marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, La boheme, Tristan and Asolde, La Traviata
Vocabulary words you may include: Monody, Verismo, Exoticism, Tenore di forza, Realism, Gesamtkunstwerk, Leitmotif, Choreography, Melody, Tune, Theme, Motif, Music Drama

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