Reflection required:SKILLS: – Explain how has your Global Pe…

Reflection required:
– Explain how has your Global Perspective and Global insights influenced how you relate to others, work and world? AND 
– Identify at least one other Employability Skill that you believe you have enhanced through this experience and provide examples of what you have done to know you have improved this skill.
– What was something new that you discovered about yourself and others through this experience?
– How will you use this new-found awareness in the future?
EVIDENCE Required before points can be allocated: Of involvement in program/experience required. Must be more than just a travel itinerary unless this provides details of engagement in volunteer/study or work.  
This unit focusses on what skills in particular, the global perspectives as well as other employability skills you gain as a result of a cultural experience.  This might be around language, learning, customs, lifestyle for example, and how this has opened your eyes to a different way of doing. 
Global perspective Adopting: an approach to issues which takes account of cross-cultural and global perspectives and influences.
Self-management: The ability to set personal goals and work steadily towards them and organise, prioritise and plan activities so as to work at optimal capacity and achieve a desirable work/life balance. Embracing a life-long learning approach to skills development.
Start from where I left off, please answer every questions above in 600-1000 words.

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