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Write: In a five-paragraph paper that is three to four pages in length, write about the following:
Paragraph 1:

Explain how an awareness of your own learning patterns, skills, and experiences can help you be competitive in your chosen career.

Paragraph 2:

Choose a role that you have other than a student (i.e., parent, employee, manager, etc.).
Explain what it means to have a growth mindset and how having a growth mindset can help you develop and positively impact others in this chosen role.

Paragraph 3:

Choose either critical reading or critical writing and address the following:

Identify two specific strategies presented in Chapter 4 to enhance your critical reading skills or your critical writing skills.
Explain how you will apply both of these strategies in and outside the classroom.

Describe how critical thinking, critical reading, and critical writing can help you act ethically and contribute to academic integrity.

Paragraph 4:

Describe how you approached the metacognitive forums:

How did your approach change from week to week?
How was value added to your learning process by participating in the metacognitive forums?

Explain how continuing to complete these reflective sentence starters from the metacognitive forums can enrich your learning.

Paragraph 5:

Reflect on the past five weeks and describe the following:

Your expectations of online learning when you began and whether they were met through this course.
What you enjoyed the most about the course.
What you would change about the course.

Provide a piece of advice you might give someone starting this course to help them maximize their learning experience. Be sure to consider the course content, online learning platform, and interactions with your peers and instructor.

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