reflection essay 66

The Semester Reflection asks you to reflect on the writing you have completed over the course as well as consider connections to future writing:academic, career, and civic.You have completed four major writing projects over the semester:an Argument Analysis, Memoir and Letter Project, Proposal Project, and a Career Preparation Project.Using the four writing projects for this course, please write a well-organized, developed, and edited essay that responds to the following questions:

How has your writing process changed—prewriting, drafting, editing?If it has not changed, describe in detail the methods you currently use.Please give specific examples.
To track your development as a writer, look through the four assignments.How has your use of the following elements changed?Consider organization, development, sources, transitions, sentence structure, word choice and punctuation—refer to the most relevant elements for the particular assignment.Which elements of your writing have changed?Which have not?If you feel particular elements of your writing have not changed, state why.
How will the RWS 305W writing you have done this semester aid you in future academic writing?(If you are graduating this semester, focus on any writing required for your continuing education).For instance, how will critical thinking as used in the Argument Analysis assist you?
What connections do you see between the writing from this semester and writing for your future career?For instance, consider connections to the Proposal Project or Career Project or focus on audience awareness. As an example, will you use the Career Project to help you obtain a future job?Will you be proposing a change at work or applying for a grant as in your Proposal Project?Will you be analyzing data or using critical thinking/audience awareness for client reports or management presentations as in the Argument Analysis?
What connections do you see between the writing from this semester and writing as a citizen in a community? Types of community writing might include, for example, a letter to the editor, newsletter, blog, or social media posts.For instance, consider connections to the Memoir/Letter Project or Proposal Project, i.e. what would you like to propose in your community, or what would you like to communicate to your family or friends about your life, as in the memoir?

As you write the Reflection, as appropriate refer specifically to the four writing projects.
Separate your Reflection into body paragraphs by subtopic, and include a short introduction and conclusion. Your Reflection should be two to three pages, MLA-formatted, double-spaced.No Works Cited page is necessary.
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