reflection 3

The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals
Respond to any of the following questions. How can you use the knowledge you have gained from this module to support your goal(s)? What did you learn about yourself as you completed the assignments in this module Read: Types of Power Nimmon, L., & Stenfors-Hayes, T. (2016). The “Handling” of power in the physician-patient encounter: perceptions from experienced physicians. BMC medical education, 16(1), 114. Ha, J. F., & Longnecker, N. (2010). Doctor-patient communication: a review. The Ochsner Journal, 10(1), 38-43. Watch: Milgram’s Obedience Study Stanford Prison Study How To: Talk To Your Doctor Optional: Watch: Informational Interviews Watch: Why do we ask questions? Michael “Vsauce” Stevens at TEDxVienna Read: Informational Interviewing Read: Asking Questions
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