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Post a substantive response to each question (minimum 250 words).
You are the HR Manager for ABC Company. Based on the information in the R&R Strategy Exercise, what can you do to improve recruitment? Include 3 action items.
Reply in a scholarly and substantive manner to the following two classmates with at least 100 words.

Unfortunately, high turnover is normal within a call center. There are many issues with ABC. First, the pay is super low, even for local community college students. You get what you pay for. Second, most of the employees are part time so that they are not given health benefits. That right there is another major setback. Adults need benefits and will stay at jobs if they have good benefits they want to hold onto. Be upfront from the beginning and then recruit. Make sure people are interested in a low paying, part time, no benefits position. A recruitment plan is a strategy of actions designed to streamline the hiring processes and act as a guideline for sourcing, qualifying, and interviewing job seekers. It acts as a timeline of events and actions to find qualified applicants while minimizing downtime for the company.
1) Realistic expectations
Before you can post a job, you have to be clear about what qualifications and other job elements you are requiring. Don’t wait until you’re actually offering the job to explain the terms, as many job prospects will be excited for an offer and may regret the decision later. Instead, during the interview give the basic information: salary, working hours, sick and holiday leave, and other information. All of this will give the person a clear understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.
2) Define your employee value proposition
An employee value proposition is a message you will target your candidate persona with. Why should your potential candidates come to work for your company? What can you offer them that other companies can’t?
3) Identify your candidate
Identify your ideal candidate by defining your candidate persona.
A candidate persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal job candidate. Maybe a fresh out of college student isn’t ideal, since you know they will move on. Perhaps try hiring retirees and close to retirement age, whom already have medicare and are looking to keep busy and have a little extra money. Try to pinpoint their interests outside the work, habits, motivation and goals.
A company who sells higher end products should have higher benefits and pay in order to maintain excellent customer service and a reputation.
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It looks as if there maybe underline issues. I would love to know the actual call volume. Are there enough employees for the volume? If staffing is not staffed correctly it will lead to great pressure among the employees. I would like to know if there are language/communication barriers as this is a worldwide market. For the employees this can make the job difficult if they cannot understand what is being asked and thy cannot make a customer satisfied if they cannot deliver communication back. How Is the management, or they receptive and collaborating? Is one shift doing better than the other? How about collecting employee feedback biweekly trying to capture raw insight right away verses waiting for an exit interview, when employees are less likely to speak upon the real issues. They should also reevaluate the job description and demands allowing to seek qualified and willing employees that can handle the high demand. Add an additional week of training to deepen the footings of the new employees. Broaden their marketing for recruitment as well. Considering there are different shifts consider hiring older individuals as well. A lot of mothers like part time hours and different shift options. Allow employees to have work perks to keep them excited.
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