recreate this pixel website not hard

recreate this pixel website not hard

download the following files to your laptop (create an it250 folder on your laptop, and place these files in a folder within it250 named Pixal: Pixal_Mockup.png, and additional Pixal content.txt
unzip the and make sure the resulting “assets” folder is within your Pixal folder. You’ll use this folder as the default location for images!
Do a Site, New Site to establish the site on your laptop (including setting assets as your default images folder).
That’s it! You can then proceed to start “playing” with Dreamweaver in an attempt to enter the image, text and even CSS styles.

Download those files and make it look like the Pixel_Mockup file.

Looking at the mockup, use Dreamweaver to create a new HTML page. Enter the content shown on the Pixal_Mockup.png (starting from the top down – it will look just vertical like most of our early projects started out.
Next week we’ll pick up from this point and add CSS to try and style it somewhat as it was shown on the mockup.

Continuing to develop the Pixal website:

Working in the Pixal site you set up during Week9, your goal is to create a stylesheet to style the HTML page from last week so that it looks similar to the mockup provided.Note1: when I say similar, I mean just that – it does not have to look exactly like the mockup (words don’t need to break at the same line, for example; you can use different colors, different fonts, add additional text or headings).Note2: the footer will display differently based on how your html and css is set up – that’s also fine. I don’t mind if it fits totally below all content, or is adjacent to the lefthand navigation bar.
Use our online lesson on Monday, which will cover styling a webpage in Dreamweaver – as a guide. You really will need to take notes.

You’ll need to style all of the elements on your page, including, but not limited to your header, navigation, footer and the main container (whatever you use to contain the primary content).
Other styling should include changing the default font-family and size, removing the underline from your navigation, modifying the margins and/or padding, changing the width of the body so it doesn’t stretch across the whole screen, possibly adding a background color to the html (hmmm, it would be interesting to use Dreamweaver to pick up one of the colors in the very colorful Pixal logo).

When you get the home page completed, what would it take for you to use the additional Pixal content to create one additional HTML page for a specific Pixal product (such as the DC100, at the top of the navigation bar), and linking that page in the navigation bar. The same CSS file should be fine for this page (hint, start with your home page, and just change the primary content). If you end up adding something new there – such as an H1 tag to identify this as something like “Pixal’s newest model – the DC100”, you probably want to style that H1 as well.

Send Zipped File
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