Reading reflection English homework help

Choose either your textbook readings or assigned group articles and respond as follows:
Readings to supplement tonight’s discussion: 
Jacobs, Masson, & Harvil (Ch 4, 5, 6, 13, 14) 
Brown, N. (2009).Theories and their applications. Becoming an effective group leader. Pearson.
Connections: How do the textbook readings or article readings connect to what you have already learned in class or to your experiences prior to this class?
Challenges: How do the readings or articles challenge your thinking or beliefs?  What new ideas extend or broaden your thinking in new directions?
Concepts: Identify the top 3-5 key concepts that are important to remember from your readings this week.  Please define each concept.   .
Changes: What changes in your attitudes, thinking, or action would you need to make to apply what is suggested in your readings?
Be specific. 
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