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NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE Please use the links below to answer the questions listed. Questions must be answered in your own words. I attached chapter 5 and 6 as an additional reference. CHAPTER FIVE (5) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – CHAPTER FIVE 1.) What effect did the prohibition era have on the development of American policing? 2.) Describe the significance of “slave patrols” and do you think that this concept is still relevant today? Explain why or why not? 3.) Explain the role that state law enforcement agencies play in enforcing the law, and describe two major models of state law enforcement organization. 4.) Describe the role that the federal government/federal agencies play in enforcing the law and how has CODIS assisted with these operations? 5.) List two agencies (and describe the operations of one agency) that fall under the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior. 6.) What is evidence-based policing? What assumptions about police work have scientific studies of law enforcement called into question? 7.) What is the relationship between private security services and public policing in America today? How might the nature of that relationship be expected to change over time? Why? ______________________________ CHAPTER SIX (6) – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – CHAPTER SIX 1.) How does the book define “police-community relations” (PCR) and “strategic policing”? How does PCR differ from “strategic policing” and which of the two has been shown to be most effective in the past 20 years? 2.) What are the five core operational strategies that police departments use today? How does the book define “community policing” and What impact or effect do you think the organizations above have had on “community policing” in major cities? Smaller cities? 2.) Briefly discuss each of the three types of style of policing and provide an example of how an officer who operates using that style may act or behave if they were on duty and saw two 15 year-old kids smoking a cigarette on a street corner during school hours 3.) What new responsiblities have American police agencies assumed since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks? Discuss some of the new challenges that they face. 4.) Read the section on police and the use of social media, then discuss a real life example (personal or national) of how social media has been used in policing/law enforcment to either assist or hinder the prosecution of a criminal trial/case.
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