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Question #1 Person-Centered Chapter 7

Actualization tendency is something that all humans have, it is the desire to move forward with their lives and grow to be the best version of themselves. The ultimate goal is to reach your maximum potential.
Person-Centered Therapy places faith in and gives responsibility to the client when dealing with their problems and concerns according to Corey (2016). A key element of this therapy is that it emphasizes the desire for humans to achieve self-actualization. Therefore, this theory revolves around the fact that the end goal is to pursue that actualization tendency. In the article “The Foundation of Person-Centered Therapy” by Jerold D. Bozarth (2019) mentions that there has to be motivating force in the person, the actualizing tendency.

Question # 2: Behavioral Therapy Chapter 9

Fear of public speaking.
If I were the client, I would prefer gradual exposure.
The first step towards gradual exposure would be to make a list of situations that I fear, then rearrange the least from most scary to least scary. Then proceed to complete the tasks in the list starting from least scary. Start thinking, closing my eyes and imagining that I am talking to different types of crowds, then proceed to talk to a public of 3 people, then repeat the step with a crowd of 5 people, and so on until I feel somewhat comfortable. Ultimately, I would like to be able to give a speech at Toastmasters.
I prefer the gradual method because it would give me time to acclimate to the situation. I imagine that if you gave me a speech to perform to a large crowd then my performance may be very poor. If I slowly expose myself to the situation I know the fear would decrease by realizing I am capable of doing it.

Corey, Gerald. Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Brooks Cole, 2016.
Evans, S., & Lpc. (2019). Centered Therapy – Actualizing Tendency – Carl Roger – Jerold D. Bozarth. Retrieved from

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Question # 1: Person-Centered Chapter 7
1) In your own words, explain the concept, “actualization tendency.”
“Actualizing Tendency” is the natural propensity of individuals to strive to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives. The concept states that individuals innately grow in positive ways. The ideas of self-actualization were first proposed by Abraham Mallow in his hierarchy if needs theory. In his research he found that self-actualized people are self-aware, honest, caring, and autonomous.
2) How does the actualization tendency influence the practice of Person-Centered Therapy?
Person-centered therapy supports the clients’ growth towards self-actualization. It is based on assumptions that individuals create their own growth and healing. The Humanistic philosophy and person-centered therapeutic approach both believe that individuals, when provided with the right conditions, will grow towards actualization. According to Rogers, it is this growth producing climate that is created during person centered therapy (Corey, 2005). Person-centered therapy focuses on enhancing various human qualities such as: self-exploration, being kind to oneself and others, being who they are, fulfilling one’s unique potential, self-direction, and self-responsibility (Narknisorn, 2012).
Question # 2: Behavioral Therapy Chapter 9
1) Identify the fear – Public Speaking
2) Select a treatment – in vivo (gradual)
3) Explain the specific steps to applying the treatment – My hierarchy list might consist of:

Reading a book to a group of kids at the public library
Make a Comment or ask a question at the next large company work meeting
Making a toast at my friend’s wedding
Talking about my job during my daughter’s career day at school
Talking a public speaking course and getting experience talking in front of the class
Join Toastmasters and practice talking in front of live audiences

4) Explain why you selected the method of treatment over the other option
To be honest the idea of jumping right into giving a speech in front of a live audience makes me very uneasy. I felt that taking it gradually would be easier and not make me as anxious. I could build on my step by step accomplishments.
Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Narknisorn, B. (2012). Person-Centered Therapy and Personal Growth. Journal of Social and Development Sciences, 3(9), 322–330. doi: 10.22610/jsds.v3i9.716

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