read and analyze this chapter

briefly summarize the chapter. How is it organized? Why do you think Wachter-Boettcher organized it that way? What is its purpose in the context of the book? How does Wachter-Boettcher establish her ethos? Identify at least three examples of logical, ethical and emotional appeals.
How dose author present herself as a knowledge of the of the subject? Does she fairly represent opposing ideas? How?
NOTE: You will need to review the “Analyzing Arguments” slideshow to better understand “ethos” and complete Discussion Board #2.…

Point (Claim):
Every paragraph should have a point to guide its development. Generally, the point will be presented as part of the topic sentence.
Examples (Reasons):
Specific examples should be presented to begin the development of the point. Be sure to develop the examples as specifically as possible while remaining concise.
Explanation (Assumptions):
Each example should include an explanation that explains how and why the example is, in fact, an example of what the writer says it is. The explanation will help to support and clarify the point by explicitly connecting it to the examples.

you need to read and follow the steps otherwise Do Not take the work
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