Questions for Reading Response over”An Outpost of Progress” …

Questions for Reading Response over”An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad
1. In the portion of the text that I have underlined on pg 2, what commentary is offered on human nature and the relationship between the individual and socity?
2. What trappings (behaviours) of civilization do they attempt to hold onto? In what ways do they try to maintain their “civilised” behaviour?   If you do not know what “trappings” means, see the second and third definitions here: 
3. In the bolded section on pg 4—What attitudes of Kayerts and Carlier (and the European Company by extension) can you infer from this about the natives? About the Europeans? What other indications do you see that demonstrate these attitudes?
4. The italicized section on pg 9—What are your thoughts on this? 
5. In the yellow highlighted section on pg 14—What does Conrad mean by this and what do you make of his tone of sarcasm?
6. Consider the concept of the Other. (see Explain how that concept relates to and is revealed within this story.
Questions for Reading Response over “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell
1. Explain why Orwell is serving as a British policeman in India. If he is British, why would he be in India working?
2. Explain, in your own words, not Orwell’s, what he means by when he says this experience teaches him the “hollowness, the futility of the white man’s dominion in the East” (2569).
3. What attitudes does the author have toward British Imperialism? From where exactly in the text do you infer those attitudes?
4. What are your thoughts on/reactions to this narrative?

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