Question: Read Chapter Four. Rewrite each of the statements …

Question:Read Chapter Four. Rewrite each of the statements below to make it more specific by making general and abstract words more precise and concrete.
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1. My neighbor has a lot of animals that she keeps in her yard. Example: My neighbor, George Hall, has fifty bull dogs that he keeps in his yard at 5345 Tailor Ave. Do you see the difference in the two sentences?2. When I was a little girl, we lived in a big house in the Midwest.3. My husband works for a large newspaper.4. I really liked going to that concert. The music was great.5. I really respect her.6. She was wearing a very trendy outfit.7. We need to have more freedom to choose our courses.8. Where’d you find that thing?9. My boyfriend looks like a hippie.10. She got up late and had to rush to school. But she was late anyway.
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