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1-Marlene and Darlene are each the recipient of an annuity that pays $1,000 annual payments at the end of each year for 12 years. They both received their first payment on the same day. Explain how Marlene and Darlene could assign different present values to their respective annuities.
2-There are multiple factors that affect the present value of an annuity. Explain what these three factors are and discuss how an increase in each will impact the both the present value and the future value of the annuity.
3-Tobi owns a perpetuity that will pay $1,500 a year, starting one year from now. He offers to sell you all of the remaining payments after the next 25 payments have been paid. What price should you offer him for payments 26 onward if you desire a rate of return of 8 percent? What does your offer price illustrate about the value of perpetuities?
4-Explain the net present value formula and also explain what the net present value represents.
5-The IRR rule is said to be a special case of the NPV rule. Explain why this is so and why IRR has some limitations NPV does not.
6-Most financial experts will agree that net present value is the best capital budgeting method. Explain why this is so and also explain how even NPV can be unreliable when projecting project results.
7-This chapter introduced three new methods for calculating project operating cash flow (OCF). Under what circumstances is each method appropriate?
8-When is it appropriate to use the equivalent annual cost (EAC) methodology, and how do you make a decision using it?
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