This focuses on one element of how governments approach disasters and preparations. Another area is the influence that governments have during disasters and how they “support” their population during a crisis. Disaster relief can be a powerful political tool in order to maintain control over their population.
Look at some recent disasters or Humanitarian events, such as the Ebola outbreak or the Haiti earthquake of 2010. Attempt to cite an example of how political influence can obstruct effective disaster operations. Briefly comment on what impact nongovernmental organizations (NGOâ€s) may have- good or bad- in politically unstable environments.
Just to let you know: nongovernmental organizations (NGOâ€s) like the red cross and other humanitarian organizations that provide sheltering, food, supplies, and other kinds of help to the victims.
– Read the attached article below
– 400 words is enough for this.
– Just give a direct answer to the question without defining disaster and other things.
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