Purdue Global University Healthcare Career Perspective Discussion

Unit 10 Discussion Discussion Topi Discussion style 400 words – make me look good.

Career Perspective
Use this Discussion to reflect on this course and your future career in health care. Answer the following questions.

What topics in the course will help you the most in your role as a practicing healthcare administrator? Please give examples. learning 9 theorians’s prespectives in healthcare
Of all the ethical theories discussed in this course, which one would you like to be sure you incorporate in your personal leadership strategy? I like them all but the strong one hits me was St. Thomas Aquaires
Did assessing your personal leadership style prepare you for your role in healthcare management? Did anything surprise you in your self-assessment? No, I have learned that I already have the principles and strong ethicial beliefs in fairness and empathy for others.
Did the development of a healthcare advocacy plan help prepare for your healthcare career? If so, explain. ( see my paper I attached)
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