Epidemiology and medicine plays a crucial role in the formation of public health policy. In fact, it could be argued that epidemiology and medicine is the most important and influential discipline, as it forces policymakers and advocacy groups to look past their own opinions and toward solutions grounded in scientific evidence. With peopleâ€s lives and the general welfare at stake, it is vital that evidence and information generated by this field is accurate, unbiased, and thoroughly tested.
In this Assignment, you analyze the epidemiological and medical evidence for one of the following case study topics: clean water legislation and mosquito control, obesity, breast cancer screening, or medical transportation.
To prepare for this case study analysis, review the case studies presented in this weekâ€s Learning Resources and select one to further investigate for your case study analysis. Then, conduct research to locate at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources from the Walden Library that will further support your case study analysis.
By Day 7 of this week, submit a 2-page case study analysis that synthesizes the following:

Title page and Table of Contents.
Write the problem statement for the public health issue identified in the case study.
In one paragraph, provide background to the public health issue identified in the case study.
In one paragraph, provide an overview of current governmental policy associated with this public health issue.
From the perspective of the epidemiological and medical discipline, explain the following:

The appropriateness of the study design used to examine this public health issue.
How the epidemiological and medical results provides evidence for this public health issue.
The merits and limitations in identifying the social determinants of this public health issue.

In one paragraph, describe intervention(s) currently in place to address this public health issue.
In one paragraph, propose an alternative intervention to address this public health issue.
In one paragraph, conclude your analysis by summarizing the key points and takeaways.
APA reference page.

Bhattacharya, D. (2013). Public health policy: Issues, theories, and advocacy. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 20, “Letters to the Editor: A Primer” (pp. 467–474)

Review the following case study options and select one to further investigate:

Chapter 7, “Clean Water Legislation and Mosquito Control” (pp. 201–212)
Chapter 10, “Overweight and Obesity” (pp. 265–284)
Chapter 11, “Breast Cancer Screening” (pp. 285–294)
Chapter 12, “Medical Transportation: Local Research Focus” (pp. 295–306)

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