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Please strictly follow the guide attached that is titled “paper guide” and the rubric. I cannot stress the importance of following these two documents so please ensure to follow them strictly! The plagiarism limit for this assignment is 8% please try to have less than this because the instructor is strict!!
topic: How does age contribute to attention problems in college students
The topic and paper should be based on college freshmen students who will range in age and will consist of two groups from ages 17-25 to 25 and above. Please include that a t-test will be used to analyze the data.

Requirements for paper:
-â–ª Double spaced â–ª 12-point Times New Roman font â–ª 1 inch margins on all sides (be careful, because the default in some versions of Word is 1.25 inches on left and right)
– AT LEAST 10 primary, scientific references (from peer-reviewed journals) (please try to find articles on college students…or senior high school students, but correlate how they will soon become college students) â–ª Find articles using ResearchPort â–ª Published between 2008-2019 (I’d prefer if you stay away from sources that were published prior to 2007) â–ª You MUST use primary, scientific references – that means they are peerreviewed RESEARCH articles (so, theres a methods and results sections) • You MAY NOT use meta-analyses. • You MAY NOT use review articles. â–ª DO NOT USE: • Google (unless it’s google scholar) • Wikipedia • Newspapers (Baltimore Sun, etc) • Popular Magazines (Psychology Today, Time, etc) • Textbooks • Websites made for the general public (NIH, WebMD, emedicine)
– APA Writing Style â–ª APA Style Title page â–ª No Abstract â–ª Proper in-text citations and references page • NO DIRECT QUOTES â–ª Other APA Writing Style rules are followed (e.g., avoid personal pronouns, proper use of abbreviations, proper formatting of headings, avoid use of contractions, etc.)
Please read the instructions carefully for what is expected for this paper. Also please refer to the paper guide. This tells you, sentence-by-sentence, what to include in each section (and even each paragraph). Finally, refer to the sample paper, NOT for formatting, (please to not format the paper the same as the sample). The sample should only be used to see the amount of information that should be included. Thank you!
▪ An introduction to your topic with a clearly stated thesis statement, ▪ A summary of each of the 10 published research on the topic choosen, which… ▪ …leads to an idea for a future research study, complete with a purpose, research question, hypothesis for the study, and a detailed “Participants” section. (so basically SUMMARIZE EACH ARTICLE and also have it mention Each article should mention the author, the name of the study, the participants in the study and how the study was conducted.) ▪ A “Conclusion” where you wrap up loose ends. ▪
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