Psychology homework help

1)The domain off(x)=5x^4is(??,?).TrueFalse2)The range ofp(x)=3x 1is[1,?).TrueFalse3)The domain ofm(x)=(2x 6)1/2is[?6,?).TrueFalse4)The range ofg(x)=1/x?1is(??,?).TrueFalse5)The domain ofh(x)=1/(x 2)(x?2)is(??,2)?(2,?).TrueFalse6)The range ofn(x) = (x?4)^1/3is(??,?).TrueFalse7)The domain ofr(x)=?|5x?6| 3is(??,3].TrueFalse8)The range ofw(x)=?x^2?4is(??,?4].TrueFalse
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