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Critical Writing Asisignment 3

Please proof read your document before you upload as only 1 submission is allowed.
Please only submit docx. (Word) documents as other formats cannot be checked in Safe Assign. If they cannot be checked they will not be graded and will earn Zero points.
To submit your work –First answer in a word document. When completed, proof read, and save your document. To upload scroll to where it asks you to attach file – browse your computer and upload your document. Don’t forget to click submit. You’ll do this for each of the 4 written assignments required.
Assignment 3 is Due 6/26
Each assignment is worth 25 points. Approx. 1000 words is ~ 4 pages in length.
Follow basic APA formatting i.e. 12pt font (Times or Arial), double spaced, 1 inch margins. You do not need a cover page but you must cite references in APA style.
Be clear, and concise, but thorough in order to expect full points.
Use three (3) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims. The book can be used as an extra resource (the book also provides several resources to look up).

Please check your grammar, sentence structure, and thought process – as this assignment is language focused 😉
Please watch the video attached above – it deals with a classic case study known as Genie the Wild Child
It’s 55 minutes long and really interesting.
ALSO:- Read the attached Article: TheEarlyCatastrophe(1).pdf

Discuss the case study (video) with reference to the key arguments on language development that are covered in your book, and the video, namely the critical period vs the sensitive period, and the behavioral approach vs the LAD approach (Noam Chomsky). How do these ideas clash and combine with this case.
Use the article to assist in discussing how language acquisition affects other aspects of development. Make sure you cite the article in your paper.
What are your take away thoughts about language development – does this case answer the questions? If not, why? What else do we need etc. make sure to use peer reviewed journal research to support your arguments. Do not use direct quotes from the article, only paraphrase and cite accordingly.

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