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For this week’s forum, we will be exploring the relationship between the mind and body. Watch the video MONISM VS DUALISM & PSYCHIATRY – DENNET & SEARLE

at the web address and respond to the following:

For many centuries, philosophers have attempted to answer questions regarding the roles of the mind and body and their interactions with each other. Provide an analysis of the debate between the theories of dualism and monism. Choose the theory you believe to be most credible. Support your perspective with research and everyday examples.

In your peer responses, please reflect on how your peer’s choices, examples, etc. are similar or different from your choices.

Minimum 300 words answer

Classmate #1:

Connections between the brain and mind were serious points of philosophical discussion that had many different responses in regard to their makeup and content. Monism was a doctrine that explained that one’s physical brain and the mind make up two different parts but are singular in nature. Under monism, the brain is exemplified on the basis of how it expresses electrical signals. Under dualism, the mind is defined as a separate, non-physical substance or what we would call a soul today. Dualism refers to the belief that humans possess two components – a physical body and a supernatural soul.

I thoroughly struggled with understanding what we were truly talking about when we refer to each of these theories. I struggled to the point where I watched multiple videos, read a number of pieces of information and even just Googled these options to see if I could come upon common terms that would help me to understand. I still don’t know that I understand. That makes it extremely difficult to select a theory that I believe to be credible.

If I had to choose one of these concepts, I think that I would go with dualism. I don’t know that I believe that humans, with our diversities, differences and propensities have no catalyst for all that we are and the variations in the way we respond just by way of one’s brain. And while I believe that the brain is integral and certainly plays a significant role in emotions, elevated thinking, and peacefulness, etc., I believe that it is not just the brain that processes all of these added components that make each of us a whole person. Furthermore, much of the religious pieces that we embrace really do rely on the presence of a soul to accurately separate one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions from one’s brain.

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Classmate #2:

For many centuries, philosophers have attempted to answer questions regarding the roles of the mind and body and their interactions with each other. Provide an analysis of the debate between the theories of dualism and monism. Choose the theory you believe to be most credible. Support your perspective with research and everyday examples.


The concept of Dualism is that there are two forms of something existing. One is the material and the other is simply stated as something else. A better statement to explain this is a physical thing which is the brain and something not physical like consciousness. The mind is tangible which you can touch, and the consciousness isn’t. For example, when you physically see something with your eyes that is pleasant, and you feel happy inside. The happy portion of the example the unexplained phenomena.


Monism is one substance. This can be explained as the mind is a biological product of the brain. The consciousness is a product of a physical reaction and not a supernatural phenomenon controlling the consciousness. It’s more biological like neurons firing. For example, monism is when your eyes see something that makes you happy, but this is just your body releasing chemicals that make you feel euphoric. The brain drives the emotion and its not from an outside unexplainable source. It can be explained by physical reactions and can account for the consciousness as being physical changes.

Personal Perspective

Which theory do I believe in? This is a hard question! I have always regarded myself as a spiritual person, and I often talk about the soul as being beyond physical. On the other hand, I believe in science and I also believe that everything can be explained through science and scientific methods. Its observable and reproducible. Superstitions that are ridiculous today were regarded as unexplained phenomena yesterday. After this assignment, I had a hard time explaining consciousness as anything other than a physical source. Monism makes the most sense to me as there are various chemicals in the body that control all aspects of the human body from smelling to smelling etc. Therefor the consciousness is one substance.


Luis O. Jiménez-Rodríguez. (2016). It Is Reasonable to Uphold a Non-Reductive Christian Monism? Theology Confronted with the Mind-Brain and Body-Soul Problem. Pensamiento. Revista de Investigación e Información Filosófica, 71(269), 1323–1345.

Classmate #3:


There have been different theories regarding how we will classify the relation between the mind and body. Is the mind simply a part of the body, such as the brain, or is the mind something supernatural and separate from the body. In these theories there are ideas that if a mind is separate from the body then how could this be? The question that is attempted to be answered is that of the mind being in line with the body, or is it something separate all together. The two theories that are brought up about this concept/theory is Monism and Dualism. Also note that a soul is also a concept within these theories as well. The soul being somewhat a more religious theory. That people inherently have souls that can be separated from their physical bodies.

Monism theory consists of the ideas that we exist only in the world as material. That the parts of the body are material and that there is no separation of the mental process and body. This theory supports those who do not believe in any life after death, or there being a soul separated from the body after death. This concept is also supported by the idea that if you suffer brain damage then parts of your body are effected as well, circumstance depending.

Dualism is the more intricate concept of the two to me. This idea separates the ideas of mind and body. Decartes, dualism founder, promoted the concepts that the human mind acts differently and send information to the body through a pineal glad. And as such works separately from the body. This concept speaks more clearly to the idea of religiousness. The idea that people are more than simply objects, and matter. This theory is religious in nature due to the support of the idea that a mind/soul is a separate entity from the body. The body may die but a soul may live on. this is dualism.

I have always been raised within the realm of religion, but I also believe in science. So these two concepts are difficult for me to clearly accept one or another. I feel like I could argue either one, but would have more evidence or substantiated evidence that a human mind ceases to live once deceased. I would also be able to physically support that the brain is part of the body, and in turn is a part of the body. The mind would be part of the brain, and so a part of the body. BUT if I were to go along with the religious concepts, then humans have a soul that leaves the material body upon death, but this is impossible to scientifically or physically prove. The only way to confirm truly if there is a soul living after death is to die, and then the deceased person wouldn’t be able to report back to us.


Mcleod, S. (1970, January 1). Mind Body Debate. Retrieved from…

Minimum 200 words answer to each


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