Provide only the answer. Question 1 writing letters to the e…

Provide only the answer.Question 1writing letters to the editor, writing opinion editorials for newspapers, social media blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all examples of what important element in every advocacy campaign?Question options:a. Understand the opposition
b. Forming a coalition
c. Evaluation
d. Policy solution
e. Media strategyQuestion 2
public policy is defined asQuestion options:a. A complex series of steps and interactions among legislative decision-making bodies
b. Laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, funding priorities concerning a given topic by a governmental entity or its representatives
c. Influencing legislative or regulatory decision-makers who have the power to change public policy
d. Communicating with a legislator to intentionally influence the way he/she will vote for a specific piece of legislation
e. A group of organizations that come together to achieve a goal on a shared interest Plagiarism Free Papers
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