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Project Description
Write a Descriptive Essay of 3 or more paragraphs. Your goal with this essay is to paint a picture with words. The descriptive details you choose to include (what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, etc.) will result in a vivid reading experience. You need to have at least three paragraphs including an introduction with thesis statement, body paragraph with descriptive details, and conclusion, but you may write more if you like.
You may choose one of the following topics for your Descriptive Essay:

Your favorite place
Your favorite room in your house
Your first car
A cherished item
The restaurant you began describing in the Week 1 Restaurant Review
If you have a different topic you would like to describe, please email me to ask for permission.

You will want to visualize the people, surroundings, sounds, and smells and think of descriptive details to help the reader see it, too.
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