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To prepare for this discussion:

Access the Program Learning Outcomes chart to review the Program Learning Outcomes (What you’ll learn) for your program.

BA Child Development (BACD)
BA Cognitive Studies (BACS)
BA Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction (BAECDDI)
BA Early Childhood Education (BAECE)
BA Early Childhood Administration (BAECEA)
BA Education Studies (BAES)
BA English Language Learner Studies (BAELLS)
BA Instructional Design (BAID)
BA Library Science and Media (BALS)

Review the Course Learning Outcomes (CLO’s) for our course, EDU 499:

Synthesize theories, knowledge and professional standards related to the field of study.
Assess multiple influences such as social and cultural factors, contemporary issues, and trends on practice.
Apply evidence-based strategies, approaches, and technologies related to the field of study.
Explain environments that support optimal outcomes to the field of study.
Propose professional and ethical based practices that emphasize access, participation, and partnerships.

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