Professional Plan Section A: Background (2-3 pages APA style

Professional Plan Section A: Background (2-3 pages APA style; 50 points)

Motivation: Describe your motivations for pursuing a career in RHS and discuss the target population with whom you would like to work including age group, specific setting, demographic, health population, and/or particular area of expertise you are interested in pursuing. Explain why this population is of interest. Include information about any personal and work experiences (paid or volunteer) that you have had helping others in an RHS capacity.
Objective Statement: Create a professional objective statement. You may use the following model – “It is my goal to enter the Human Services field as a _____________ for XYZ agency or agency type. My skills/experience would serve me well in this role because ________________ and _________________. The population that I desire to serve would include XYZ, because ________________________.”
Education and Credentials: Research the education, duties, skills, and credentials needed to work in your area of specialization and summarize your findings. For example, what kind of training, experience, degrees, exams, and certifications/licenses do you need to be an addictions counselor, therapeutic staff support professional, or occupational therapist? What are the names of the organizations that provide these certifications/licenses? Give examples of schools that offer these degree programs and their admission requirements. Be very detailed. Include research from at least two reputable sources published in the last 5 years that give information about the training needs and job functions of your area of interest. One of these sources must be O*NET ( (Links to an external site.)).

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