Professional mentoring program for our Community Health Workers (CHWs)

funding from Quantum foundations for a community health worker-mentoring program for individuals returning to work. The program will also involve students from a local community college on various issues concerning professional development opportunities. We the organizers of the project acknowledge the good work of the Quantum Foundation for its support of the major project in Florida and other areas. The foundation does a good job in funding community health based projects l and larger care projects in the regular grants category. For this reason, the group, through its leaders seeks funding for a part-time coordinator and stipends for participants in the program.
Our organization that is seeking funding deals with individuals returning to work on matters concerning health. The group also targets students from a local community college with a purpose of offering professional development opportunities to help them have the necessary life skills once they graduate. The individuals returning to work also need the mentoring services to assist them have a positive attitude towards work and the employers. The program is in collaboration with the Florida Community health worker CHW profession with professional skills in health. The other participants are the Federal qualified health centers and other health organizations in the area. The program will also educate the youths in the college on income generating activities they can engage in after school. The other education for the students will be on drugs and drug abuse to help the young people on matters of healthy living by avoiding indulging themselves in drugs.
positive living. Many of the youths in the community do not have a meaningful employment, making life difficult for them. The mentorship program will help the students from the local community college in coming up with income generating activities after graduation. The activities will keep them engaged reducing their possibility of engaging in crime activities and poverty.
The success of the program in the previous projects in the community is evident from the positive living of individuals who went through the mentorship. The Florida Community Health Worker Coalition together with the other agencies has conducted a number of mentorship project with a lot of successes. The community’s living conditions are p to the required standards as stipulated by the ministry of health and sanitation. The advantage of the programs in Florida community is that they change the attitude of the people through continuous education and mentorship. The programs funded by the Quantum Foundation are always successful giving us the motivation to engage with the organization for the funding of the group activities. With the funds, the mentorship program will not strain in paying the part-time coordinator and giving stipend for the participants. According to the group research on the projects and programs funded by the Quantum Foundation, all the projects succeeded due to the close monitoring and follow up on the usage of funds. The funds provided by the Foundation are enough to run the intended project for about six months. Quantum Foundation gives hope to many communities and vulnerable groups through projects’ funding. Our group trusts that the Foundation will honor the concept paper and provide the needed assistance to run the project.
issues concerning the management of resources and utilization of the available resources to earn a living. The program will offer advice to the workers and students of the need to further their studies to improve their competencies and earnings. The expected number of individuals to benefit from the program with the funding will be 230 people, who will learn for about 3 to 6 months. The group requires $24800 to run the project for the stated period, with some assistance from community-based agencies. The funds will cater mainly for paying the facilitator for his/her services to the community and the participants’ stipend after attending the mentorship sessions. Any savings from the funds will go to buying materials and equipment for the program such as writing materials. The group will utilize the funds once allocated without any misappropriations by the management and organizers.
stationery, computers, and projectors to assist in teaching. Snacks during tea break will aThe project will take a duration of three to six months with some of the outcomes being enlightening of the workers and youth empowerment. The community health and life expectancy will improve through health education and healthy living. The young graduates will start income generating activities after the mentorship. The other outcomes of the project include high incomes, as participants will learn methods of saving and investing in development activities. The performance of the students in the community college will also improve due to the attitude change after receiving mentorship lesions. The facilitators and the organizers of the program will improve their mentoring skills due to continued engagement with the participant. The program will lead to reduced crime rates in the area once the young students and the community workers receive education on moral values.
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Works Cited,. ‘Grant Eligibility | Quantum Foundation’. N.p., 2015. Web. 7 Apr. 2015
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