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Week 6 Individual Assignment Explanation
This assignment is a proposal for a research study about self-regulation in both options – presentation and outline. 
The rubric says: 
Both Options require:
Use published human and animal research and behaviorist, social cognitive, information processing and constructivist theory to develop an outline of a research proposal to measure self-regulation in one of the following fields: 
·         Environmental or evolutionary psychology
·         Forensic psychology
·         Health or sports psychology
·         Industrial/organizational or engineering psychology
Research proposals need to include
An explanation of Purpose – why do you want to study self-regulation in your chosen setting?
Define self-regulation whichever theory you choose to use
Hypothesis – what you expect to have happen: the result you expect  
Athletes trained in self-regulation techniques using whichever theoretical techniques you choose will do better than athletes who do not.
Grade school children who are trained in self-regulation techniques using whichever theoretical techniques you choose will do better than children who do not.
Method including population and process – what are you going to do and with whom?
How many of whatever population will be trained in the self-regulation techniques using whichever theoretical techniques you choose.  That population will be compared to those who have not been trained in self-regulation techniques.
One school or classroom will be trained and compared to another equivalent school or classroom. 
The rubric also says:
Option 1: Self-Regulation Presentation
Prepare this outline of a research proposal as a 10-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes as if your audience were members of a foundation grant screening committee.
Address the following in your presentation:
·         A description of how you are proposing to measure self-regulation
·         The operational definitions, limitations, assumptions, hypotheses, and data analysis plans
·         The deficiencies a critic might identify in your statement of limitations and assumptions

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