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     You’re welcome to use either of these thesis templates:Procrastination, most often caused by (causes), can be a serious issue since it can result in (consequences); however, when procrastination does hit, people can effectively address it by (solutions).Although many think people procrastinate because (myths), research suggests that the most common causes of procrastination are (causes). Though procrastination can lead to (consequences), it can be effectively addressed by (solutions).Your 3-5 body paragraphs should focus on answering the prompt questions and proving your thesis.They should focus on the main parts of the prompt:Definition of procrastination (brief discussion–in the introduction or first body paragraph)Causes of procrastination (lengthier discussion, in the first 1-2 body paragraphs)Effects of or problems caused by procrastination (in 1 paragraph after the causes)Solutions to procrastination (longest/most developed part of the body–in the final 1-3 body paragraphs)Each of your body paragraphs should:Start with a topic sentence (i.e., the main point of your paragraph that responds to one part of the prompt). For example, you might have a topic sentence that:Reviews some of the causes of procrastination, orDiscusses some of the potential impacts or consequences of procrastinating, orDescribes how people might prevent or respond to procrastination.  The post Procrastination appeared first on nursing writers.
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