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For purposes of this discussion board, you are asked to select a specific new product or service for discussion. This product must be different from any example already posted by your classmates.
Your initial posting will likely include various paragraphs. Any outside sources that you use must be appropriately cited.
Your discussion should include:

Pick a product that you use on a regular basis, and then identify two (2) brands within that product category: one brand that competes on price, and one brand that competes based on features and benefits. (For example, if you were to pick a product category such as shampoo, you might identify Suave as a brand that competes on price, and Paul Mitchell as a brand that competes based upon features and benefits.)
Give a brief (1 paragraph) description of each brand, including links to their web sites.
Conduct an actual price comparison on the two brands that you have identified in at least two different stores. Report where you compared the prices and what the pricing was in each location. Were there any sales or discounts available that affected the pricing for these products?
Since value is the ratio of perceived benefits to price, which product is the better “value” in your opinion? Why?

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