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In this discussion, you will present your thoughts about apologia, which is the speech of self-defense. Your initial post of 400+ words should be made within the next five days. To receive credit for this online discussion, you will post an essay of approximately 400-500 wordsYou will place your post under the topic that has been listed in this forum. Your initial post is worth up to 8 points. Then, you are expected to respond substantively to at least four of your classmates’ posts in this discussion area. Your responses should be at least 60 words each. Only substantive words count. Remember, the responses must engage with claims made by other people. Your four responses are worth up to 2 points (a half of a point each).You may write more than four responses if you wish. Four responses plus your initial post(s) is what is expected minimally. But you might find yourself going back and forth with other individuals, which is excellent when such interactions happen. Such interactions often suggest high engagement with the material.Apologia has been defined as a speech of self-defense. Read Sharon D. Downey’s 1993 articleThe evolution of the rhetorical genre of apologia. The article is available from the UArizona Library. Downey identifies five purposes of apologia: exoneration, absolution, sacrifice, service, and deception.With these purposes in mind, read or watch President Carter’s speechon the Iran Rescue Mission (4/25/1980) and President Reagan’s speech on the Iran-Contra Affair (8/12/1987).In your essay, you will explain why these speeches are considered apologia and identify, explain, and illustrate what purposes of apologia the speeches attempt to achieve.Strong essays have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning paragraph or introduction for this essay would be a good place to explain what apologia is, what the purposes are, and preview that you will be discussing two presidential speeches that illustrate it. The middle paragraphs would be a good place to discuss both presidential speeches. There are a few ways that the body or middle of your essay could be structured. If you feel that both speeches share a purpose or purposes, you could organize your body paragraphs by the purposes that you have identified and wish to illustrate. You could also set up the middle two paragraphs as one featuring similarities and one featuring differences. Alternatively, you could organize the body of the essay in two paragraphs, one for each presidential speech. Finally, the ending paragraph or conclusion should summarize what you have discussed in your essay.Strong essays illustrate the concepts you are explaining. Not only should you identify a purpose for each speech, but you should also explain what that purpose is. Then, provide some examples from the speeches. It isn’t enough to simply slap a quotation next to a definition. You should take care to tell the reader how that quotation is evidence of what you are claiming.Requirements: As above | .doc file Plagiarism Free Papers
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