PowerPoint on ICD10 CM Guidline

PowerPoint on ICD10 CM Guidline

This week you will select guideline topics from ICD 10-CM code book and create a PowerPoint presentation that will explain coding diagnosis from the chapter specific guidelines on diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus

Complete the following.

Create a PowerPoint slide for each guideline under the diagnosis. Include a slide/slides where you quote the guideline verbatim. Make sure to include quotes and an APA in-text citation.
Next, include a slide that communicates the same guideline in a way that is easy to understand by a new coder. This will require you to reword and breakdown the information contained in the original guideline. Make sure to put the guidelines into your own words.
Make sure to use flow charts, pictures, or diagrams in your presentation.
Find two codes in the tabular list from the chapter your guidelines are from and use them as an example in your PowerPoint.
Create slides explaining why following coding guidelines is important to maintaining standards of ethical coding. Include how ethical behavior pertains to medical coding, why it’s important, and how unethical behavior can impact patients and the institution. Include Notes for each slide that have at least 50-word count summary on ethics and their importance in coding.
Include a reference slide with an APA formatted citation for the source where you quoted the chosen guideline.

Be sure you look up all words you don’t understand. You will be graded on clarity of instruction, thoroughness of instruction, and creativity in making the guidelines you chose easy for a new coder to follow.


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