pot3003 plato s the republic 1

In Plato’s The Republic, first Thrasymachus, and then Glaucon and Adeimantus, present Socrates with a powerful challenge. They ask why, given the advantages one can receive from leading an unjust life, would anyone choose to be just. In your essay, first outline the nature of this challenge, taking special care to present the strongest version of this challenge. Now, from your reading of Socrates’ response, how does Socrates respond to this challenge? Why, essentially, is it better to lead a just life? Finally, do you find Socrates’ answer convincing, and why/why not?
Instructions: Papers should be 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, in twelve point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins. Do not write one sentence on page five and consider your work done. If your paper is 4 pages in length, then all four pages should be full. Please do not use external sources when crafting your answers. You are free to use any information from the assigned texts, lectures and discussions. Also, do not restate the prompt at the beginning of your paper. Simply note the number of the question you have selected to answer.
Thesis (20 pts): “In this essay, I argue that (statement)(explanation)” Next two sentences: Specify things from the book that help make the argument. Final sentence: Say whether you agree or disagree with philosopher or not.
Body(70 pts):Textual Evidence(30 pts): Use quotes from PHILOSOPHERS ONLY, not Conford, that support the reasons from the thesis. Cite in text using (Plato, pg #) Analysis of Evidence (30 pts): Generously reconstructing author’s argument (10 pts), critical engagement(agree/disagree/questioning of Plato (10 pts), development of argument (10 pts). Argument Structure (10 pts): How paragraphs flow into the next. Conclusion (10pts): Restate argument (5 pts), Bibliography that should only contain one source: Plato (Conford) The Republic, OXF, 1945.
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