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This is a discussion between students in a class Forum I need a apply to this student with at least 180 words. Your thoughts? Please your own words, No Plagiarism please
I just read through Chapter Five and learned that seating arrangements impact the learning process. People in the front of the classroom often ask the most questions and are the most attentive in the classroom. People in the back are usually quiet and do not discuss much throughout the class. Depending on the seating arrangements its either easier for lecture or easier to interact as a team or in a big class discussion. I noticed while going to on-site classes that each room had a different way of putting the desks but never realized that the professors were choosing them for any particular reason. I remember in my math classes it was a classroom setting which just allowed the professor to lecture and show us how to work the problems but then in my religion class we were in a U-shape which enhanced engagement of the audience and the professor. Thoughts or reply??
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