Post Your DP and Essay Draft for Feedback

Now we are going to discuss real samples—your own degree programs and rationale essays.  Again, your role is to review each other’s degree programs and rationale essays in light of goals, research, professional expectations, and ESC and SUNY guidelines and requirements.
Post your degree program and rationale essay as a new discussion thread. Please use as a subject “[your name’s] DP & Rationale Essay.”  You may also want to include specific questions or items on which you would like feedback. 
Important: Please remove your student ID from your DP and essay.
Read and respond to at least two of the sample degree programs and rationale essays that students in this course submit.
Here are the questions used to discuss Jerry’s sample. You may or may not want to use them to start the discussion.  Make sure to ask your own questions as you discuss your plans.

Does the title of the degree/concentration reflect the actual contents of the degree?
Does the rationale essay clearly set the context for understanding the degree by discussing goals?
Do the degree plan and rationale essay show how the degree will actually help Jerry achieve those goals?
Does the degree have an overall design that is addressed implicitly in the choice of components in the degree plan and explicitly in the essay?  As part of this discussion, does the rationale essay address progression, integration, and breadth?
Does the rationale essay clearly discuss and address the ESC Area of Study Guidelines and any relevant professional expectations for degrees in Jerry’s area?  What evidence does the essay use to support how academic and professional expectations are addressed?
Is the essay well-written with 1) a beginning, middle, and end; 2) clear and correct language; and 3) documentation as needed?

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