Positions: 1. The patient is to be repositioned to the Sims …

Positions:1. The patient is to be repositioned to the Sims position. Explain how to turn the patient,(which side) and where to place the arms, legs and pillows.2. What is main concern when a patient is in Supine position? How would it beprevented?3. Explain the three levels of Fowlers Position and explain the use for each.Positioning Devices:1. What is the importance of a mattress overlay?2. What is the purpose for the alternating air mattress?3. Explain the use of the trochanter roll and the hand rolls.4. How is a footboard used to prevent foot drop?5. When should the trapeze be used?Turning & Moving Patient’s:1. What height should the bed be in to turn the patient?2. How would the nurse position their body?3. Is a left device used? If so why?4. When lifting the patient up in bed, what are the patient’s responsibilities?5. When moving the patient with assistance, on what count is the patient moved on?2Transfer Patient from Bed to Chair:1. What is the first Assessment the nurse to make before the transfer?2. If a patient has a weakness (hemiparesis), which side does the patient get out of the bedon?3. When a patient sits up quickly or has been supine for several days, what complicationmay occur? Why does the complication occur? How would he nurseprevent the complication?4. Before the patient stands, what should be on the patient’s feet?5. The nurse is to assist the patient to a standing position. The patient has right sidedweakness, where is the nurse’s feet & knees placed?6. When the patient is placed in the chair, what device should the patient have withinreach?Transfer Devices:1. How many staff members are needed to use a mechanical lift for a patient?2. When should the nurse use a transfer belt?3. The transfer board is used under which situation?4. When assisting the patient from a sitting to a standing position, should the patient andnurse use a rocking motion to get up? WHY?Ambulatory Aids:1. How does the nurse know if the cane is a good height for the patient?2. Which side does the cane go on (COAL)?33. How does the nurse measure correct height for use of the crutches?4. Why would the nurse teach a patient to use either the Four point or Two point crutchwalking?5. A patient with an amputee or a patient with a NON weight bearing status should use the___________________________ crutch walking.Elimination:1. Why is a bladder scan used?2. The nurse should always provide ____________________ after use of bedpan or urinal.
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