populations and communities

1.[5 points] What are the 3 types of population growth we discussed in class?

2.[5 points] Assuming a population of deer is experiencing an exponential growth, what are two possible outcomes that may eventually happen as the population approaches its carrying capacity? (Hint: Real-life growth)

3.[5 points] Why are r-strategists better suited for environments that go through rapid changes?

4.[5 points] Why are K-strategists better suited for environments that are stable?

5.[5 points] Evolution is an observable trait in all populations; the easiest population to observe this in is bacteria (as shown in class). Using this knowledge and what we discussed in class, why would corn grown in fields need larger doses of pesticides to protect the corn against insects over time?

6.[8 points] Explain why there is less biomass in higher trophic levels using the two laws of thermodynamics we discussed in Basic Needs of Living Things.
7.[8 points] Assume that global temperatures keep increasing and all of the ice on Antarctica melts. The new landscape of Antarctica would be mostly rock, sand, and gravel. Use primary succession to describe how communities of vegetation may develop there.

8.[9 points] Explain how a loss of biodiversity impacts humanityâ€s ability to develop medicines.

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