Political spectrum essay | Political Science homework help

 an analysis essay comparing political spectrum.  Analyze Political Ideology
Read the article by Timothy Ferris, “Conservative is not Opposite Liberal, That’s Totalitarianism”(also available online (Links to an external site.)). Using the book and the internet, construct and analyze political spectra
Draw a one-dimensional political spectrum and label the spectrum using one of the following:

use political parties to detail the spectrum (Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Tea Party/Reform Party, Progressives/Liberals, Conservatives, Fascists, Communists, and Socialists)
OR, use political topics to detail the spectrum (economics, power, equality and hierarchy, liberalism, democracy, etc)
OR, use political issues to detail the spectrum (abortion, same-sex rights, gender politics, guns, law enforcement, environment, voting, budget, morality, etc)

you can hand-draw and scan the diagram 
you can use software to construct the diagram 
Next, Draw a two-dimensional political spectrum (like Ferris) and label the same parties/issues as above on this spectrum

you can use Ferris’ diagram, someone else’s, or your own 2-D spectrum or shape
if you use someone else’s idea from the internet, give them credit for their diagram

Finally, compose an essay that introduces, explains, and analyzes both spectra.

explain each spectra and how it works
compare and contrast the two spectra
in the conclusion determine the usefulness of each spectrum, or which spectrum is better


Feel free to be unique with your 2-D diagram 
use essay structure, introduce and source content where necessary
introduce content before comparing and analyzing

Assignment is graded on quality of analysis in the essay and clarity/presentation of diagrams

In order to better understand U.S. political ideology, political spectra will be introduced and analyzed.  Political issues and political parties will be placed on a 1-D and a 2-D spectrum.  These spectra will be compared, ultimately leading to a determination of which spectra is more useful for understanding U.S. political issues and parties.

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