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We read about the Democratic “ideal” in this chapter and discussed if democracy is in fact an ideology. Democracy can certainly be described in many different ways. Plato and Aristotle were convinced that democracy was a bad form of government. Machiavelli argues that the greatest danger to self government is corruption. Is there a country that we can argue is an “ideal democracy”? While formulating your answer, consider the following questions: Is the United States a good example of “democratic ideal” or do it fall short? Can you argue that another country is better suited for this title? Both China and Soviet Union claim to be “people’s democracies”, would you agree? Why or why not? Explain your position and provide support for your argument. In making your determination of which country is an “ideal democracy”, what values did you include, human rights, minority rights, quality of life, economy…??
Reminder: You must post an answer first before you’re able to read your classmates posts. Be sure to review the orientation module for the requirements for discussions. Your response should well written and researched, and your response to your classmates should be just as substantial as your initial post. One or two sentence responses will not receive credit. Remember these are graded assignments, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar are taken into consideration. Please do not use color, bold, special font or headings. There’s no need for a header (do not include your name, my name, class name, date etc.) simply click “reply” and start typing. Your response should be in paragraph form. No need to retype the questions, I know what they are. And lastly…. don’t forget to cite your sources..

Below are some of the major topics of debate within International Relations. Questions of morality, judgement, sovereignty etc. are widely argued within this subset of Political Science. This week you get to choose your topic from one listed below. Conduct research on the topic using information from the textbook and/or current events, then argue either for or against while citing examples to support your opinion. Be sure to use appropriate in-text citations as well as a works cited list.

Should leaders consider moral issues in formulating a state’s foreign policy?
In the mid-1990s the world community stood by as Tutsis slaughtered thousands of Hutus in Rwanda. Should the United Nations become involved in cases of ethnic cleansing or genocide?
If scholars are correct and China becomes a superpower, do you believe US– China relations could develop mistrust similar to that between the United States and the former Soviet Union?
The best way to fight the war on terror is by conventional war.
International organizations such as the United Nations erode state sovereignty

Ensure you demonstrate that you’ve done the readings and write enough to move the conversation forward when responding to a classmate. Citations should be in either MLA or APA format. Check the library’s website (Links to an external site.) for resources on how to cite properly
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