political science discussion post comment response on classmate s post ayinda

political science discussion post comment response on classmate s post ayinda

Chapter Seven

The Media

What can I say about the media? First of all I feel like some media oulets just focus on the drama and they do not report real news. Sometimes you have do your own research on issues that really mean something to you. In the political arena you have been able to cypher through the madness. Today as I have become older I can honestly say that I don’t trust what the media has to say. They are more concerned with ratings then telling the American citizens the truth about whats going on in the political arena.

It seems to that they all have an agenda to see who will get the most awards at the end of the year. When the media tells you something its up to us as Americans to make sure we that we are being told the truth. And now we have so many different types of media, we have news networks which I call fake news, social media were something is posted instantly for the world to see right at that moment it is posted. Nowadays you have to be careful of what you do and say because people have access to cells phones and you are sure to go viral right away, all I’m saying is watch yourself so you don’t end up all over the world. People have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social network sites they can post your business on in a instant. But back to the media, The first media started in 1926 and between 1929, in London by John Logie Baird it was one of our first televised version of some type of news to the people of London. The BBC began broadcasting television to the public.

In conclusion I feel as though the news is something that we have to watch in order to find out what is going on in the world, but don’t believe everything you here or see. I have really learned that you have to be able to be open minded to anything that the news might say. I personally have no trust in the news, because most of the time they cant even get the weather right. But I know that when I watch the media I make sure if it is something that I am really passionate about, I research and check the facts before I believe anything.


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