Political philosopher role play | Ancient history homework help

Pretend you are a wise, well-educated advisor to a young ruler in the ancient world and must teach this new leader the rules of good government, based on your extensive background in Persian or Chinese affairs. Your particular background depends on the first letter of your last name:
Last name starts with T-Z: You are Legalist scholar looking to impart your 
understanding of the way that government should work.
In a brief essay (c. 250 words), explain your particular perspective on the proper conduct of a political leader, the proper role of government, and the role of laws in an ideal society. Give this young student some guidelines to follow as he/she rules over his/her domain. According to your philosophical background, what are the highest goals that a ruler should aspire to, and what are the proper methods of achieving those goals?
Note: look to the textbook for details on each philosophy. Some of the most important evidence will be in the “Sources from the Past” excerpts. You may personally disagree with the philosophy of your “character,” but find the merits in that philosophy as best you can, and give it a fair shot.

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