Political debate

Resolved:  That the United States should reduce its role in world affairs in order to enhance the stability of the international system.
I tailored the first essay and the discussion questions to help everyone think about the topic, so don’t worry if you find yourself repeating an earlier post.  But the purpose of this assignment is to work on the techniques of extending an argument.
We will find ourselves agreeing and disagreeing with each other.  Extending an argument requires a direct response to the issue of agreement/disagreement AND adding additional logic and/or evidence to one’s initial point.  Some of us may find that we have to change our initial positions due to someone else’s response.  If that happens, don’t worry.  One should admit that one has changed his/her position and give the reasons for the change.  I would like to see everyone being very explicit about how their reasoning unfolds and develops.
I suspect that people will make two or three posts during the week.  There are no readings to do other than keeping up with the blog (who knows, we may find ourselves in a war during the week).  
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