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We have a 10 page paper due soon, but for this assignment all we have to do is state the main thesis of the paper in two sentences only. I posted the prompt of the paper below and I also posted what I have came up with so far. The teacher wants me to be way more specific on my Introduction, he thinks it is too plain and I do not have a good argument, so if you can please read the prompt below and also read what I have came up with so far and come up with a really good thesis statement with two sentences. Be specific please.
In one or two sentences (ONLY)* state you MAIN POINT as it is now…
What is the ONE (1) MOST important problem facing California? State specifically what must be done by the State of California (or a local government in California) to “fix” or improve this one issue. Give specific examples of this issue or problem and say what MUST BE DONE! Focus on one aspect of the solution to the problem, no matter how small. What state policy would address this issue positively? What can be done to improve the situation? What can be done (or not done) to make things better for this issue?… Or even simply to stop it from getting worse? Of course you should use other’s ideas, just cite them properly. Be specific. Be Bold. But Be Realistic.
My Introduction so far..
California, like many other states, is trying to emerge from economic recession, where its struggling to collect enough revenue while at the same time shrinking more on high debt. To resolve this, the citizens and the leaders need to be more aware of this problem, tackle the budget realities, shun ignorance and end the cycle of procrastination.

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