podcast review amp critique 1

Assignment Details
Facility managers and leaders within organizations are wise to engage with its stakeholders prior to facility planning, design, and/or construction projects since tension can exist among various groups of stakeholders. For this assignment, you will listen to “Let There Be Lights” (https://30for30podcasts.com/episodes/the-lights-of-wrigleyville/) and then provide your review and critique of the podcast by applying a lens of stakeholder theory in sport management. This assignment should be 12 point, Times New Roman font, and meet APA guidelines.
Assignment Format
Part I. Introduction & Background

Overall purpose, issue, and solution to the issue(s) presented in the podcast

Part II. Content Application of Stakeholder Theory (Friedman, Parent, & Mason, 2004)

Who are all of the stakeholders involved in this issue of adding lights to Wrigley?
What are the attributes that define these different individuals/groups of stakeholders? (e.g., power, legitimacy, urgency) How do think these different attributes help identify and manage stakeholders in an issue like this?
What are the relationships between the Cubs organization and its different groups of stakeholders? Additionally, why is it important for organizations to understand the nature of relationships with different stakeholder groups?
Based on what you know about the “Issues Management Process”, do you believe the concerns of the different groups of stakeholders adequately addressed? Why or why not?
What are your thoughts on how the Cubs organization handled this issue?

Part II. Content Application of Institutional Theory (Washington & Patterson, 2011)

Did you find any evidence of institutional isomorphism at play in the decision to illuminate Wrigley? Provide examples of why or why not.
Overall major takeaways of this assignment from podcast and application of theory

Part III. Conclusion & Major Takeaways
Part IV. References
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