please write this social experiment paper

Please first write the proposal and send back for approval then complete it for the final experiment. Answer the questions provided in a connected way. For the proposal you have 3 pages and for the final experiment you add 2 more pages.
Please choose an experiment that does not involve interaction with the public because of the virus.
The Proposal consist of 3 pages:
-Your Topic (how you came up with your topic, was it a hobby, curiosity, etc.)
-Your Hypothesis (this is what you think is going to happen in your Experiment, what will not happen, what are my expectations for myself and/or what i expect the reaction of the public will be)
-Your Research Method (this is how you will perform your Experiment is it unobtrusive or participant? and why did I choose that?)
The Final Experiment consists of 5 pages:
(1-Your Topic, 2-Your Hypothesis 3-Your Research Method ) (which is the 3 page proposal)
4-Your Results(what happened? or didnâ€t happen?, did my hypothesis come true?, does this open my eye to new things?)
5-Your Personal Reaction (what happened to me emotionally?, What was I thinking during the experiment? was I nervous, excited?, would I ever do this again?
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