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This assignment should be typed in 12-Font, double-spaced and spell-checked. This is assignment is in conjunction with Chapter 11 – The Presidency. Please complete the following:

Choose one American President (your choice); List of Presidents: (Links to an external site.)
Research information about this President
Write a synopsis (no more than 5 pages) on his term(s) in office and include the following:


Presidentâ€s Background – brief (this should not be long)
Give other interesting details you think the class should know

Examples, 1st man on the moon, currency named after President, assassinated, etc.

List Vice-Presidential running mate or Vice President at time in office.

If this President served 2 terms, was it the same Vice President

Who were some of the other Presidential contenders during campaign?
Did this President live in the White House?


What were some of the key legislation(s), contributions, and/or significant victories that occurred during this Presidentâ€s term?
What were some of the downfalls or defeats during this Presidentâ€s term?
Was this President liked, or disliked by the American people?
Who were the opponents?

Later Years

Where is this Presidentâ€s library? Or, plans to build presidential library?
Is this President still living? If so, where?
If the President you chose is deceased, where is he buried? When did he die?

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