Please respond to two of your peers’ initial responses. How …

 Please respond to  two of your peers’ initial responses.  How did the monologue affect you?  What did you learn about the character?  What was effective about the monologue and what else could the author have included?
A monologue by a parent who addresses his/her child as he leaves home.
“Check your oil before a long road trip”.  Standing in the driveway hugging his daughter on her way off to college the father mutters these words.  He does not know what else to say, he can’t put in words his true feelings.  He does his best to holds back his tears to mast his weakness.  Fathers aren’t supposed to cry, he thinks.  But letting her go is the last thing he wants to do.  Memories of pigtails, snuggle time and butterfly kisses run through his head.  Did he do a good enough job; did he do everything he was supposed to do?
With their hug now released the daughter looked up and said, “I will”.
That moment the father realized the daughter was just like him.  Stubborn and too bull headed to show emotion to let the other know their true feelings.  As the daughter climbs into her loaded car to pull away, they both give one another a half wave.  She pulls out of the driveway and places the car in drive.  As the car begins to roll forward, the Dad is over whelmed and runs after her however, between her tears and her music she doesn’t see him.  Plus, the car is so full that the rear view mirror is useless. 
The father stands in the middle of the road realizing the last thing he said to his daughter was, “check your oil before a long road trip”.
“Take a seat Jonnie”, directed Dave to his son. “I wanna take a few minutes before you leave to tell you a few things”.
“First of all, you are one hell of a son, and I couldn’t be any prouder”, said Dave with a crack in his voice and a tear in his eye.
“Now I’m about to tell you some stuff that you will hear now and believe later. I know I didn’t believe my dad when I left home. It took many years for me to fully understand what he was trying to tell me all those years ago”, said Dave.
“So, first things first, you will fall in love…many times. Hell, I must’ve fallen in love five or ten times before meeting your mother. Many things will change with each woman you fall in love with. Her name, the color of her hair, the way she annoys you that makes you love her even more. But the only thing that WILL NOT change is the way you respect her. You treat every lady with respect and dignity. And when you stop feeling that love, or you feel like you are dragging her on, you let her go. Do not waste either of your time. It will hurt like hell at first, but you will both be thankful later on.”
“Second, you are going to need a map and a compass. You are going to lose and find yourself over and over. Some days you won’t know heads from tails, north from south. But let yourself get lost! Get lost in the moment, get lost in a girl’s eyes, get lost in Panama City when you go on spring break. Those moments don’t require the map and compass. Pull the map and compass out if you lose who and what you are. Use those tools when you drift too far away from what makes you a good man. Sometimes, you will drift and be pulled out to sea, but use those tools to come back to yourself.”
“And finally son, never stop telling your mother you love her. Come home every once in a while, and bring flowers to your mother. Never forget that she helped raise an intelligent, caring, and morally straight man. I’ll make sure to keep the ground she is buried beneath clean. We both love you son.”
thank you

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