You may need to utilize the Internet and/or other resources to find enough information to answer these questions thoroughly. Remember these are discussion questions not short answer.
1.Explain why William Blake is included in the Romantic movement. After all he was considered mad at the time.
2. Describe the life of Washington Allston and explain why his work is considered an example of Romanticism. Where was he born? Where did he study art? Who were some of the people with whom he associated?
3. Tell me about Joseph Mallord William Turner. How does his work fit into Romanticism? Explain Ruskin’s praise of his work.
4. What are the three main characteristics of the Realist movement? Include three artists in your discussion. What made it radically different from preceding movements?
5. How do you see the Impressionist movement building out of the Realist movement? What are three main characteristics of the Impressionist movement? Include three artists in your discussion.
6. Compare Italian Divisionism with French Neo-Impressionism/Pointillism. Include at least 5 artists in your description.
7. What is the main difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism? Include at least 4 artists in your discussion
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