please help me answer these questions from “Perceptions of p…

please help me answer these questions from “Perceptions of postpartum teaching and knowledge of warning signs among Black mothers” by Adams Y.
1. The article says “In our study, the QDTS??New Mother Form had a Cronbach’s reliability coefficient of 0.91 for the content received subscale, 0.93 for the delivery subscale, and 0.89 for the content needed subscale.”. This relates to
A. Construct validity B. Internal validity C. Internal consistency D. External consistency
2. Which of the following best describes the study’s sampling method?
A. Random sampling B. Convenience sampling C. Snowball sampling D. Theoretical sampling
3. The setting for this study was
A. Natural B. Partially controlled C. Highly controlled D. None of the above
4. One of the variables mentioned in the study is perceived quality of discharge teaching. What is the level of measurement?
A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio
5. Is perceived quality of discharge teaching measured directly or indirectly?
A. Directly B. Indirectly C. Both D. Neither
6. Which of the following statistics is appropriate to use when comparing differences among three groups in a study where the data meets assumptions for using parametric statistics?
A. Kruskal-Wallis B. T test C. Pearson’s r D. ANOVA
7. Which of the following would be appropriate for measuring relationships between ordinal level variables?
A. Pearson’s r B. T test C. Spearman’s rank order D. ANOVA
8. The article states that “The mean knowledge in Black women who reported not receiving education on post-partum complications or warning signs was 0.14 less than women who received such education (p = .00).” This is an example of
A. Descriptive statistics B. Inferential statistics C. Exploratory statistics D. Definitive statistics
9. Which of the following represents an expected finding?
A. The mean knowledge in Black women with an annual household income of $40,000-$59,000, $60,000-79,000, and $80,000-$149,000 was 0.14, 0.13, and 0.17 less than women with an income of $39,000 or less (p = .01, 0.02, 0.01, respectively). B. The mean knowledge in Black women who reported not receiving education on post-partum complications or warning signs was 0.14 less than women who received such education (p = .00). C. About 30% (n = 24) of participants reported experiencing health problems after birth since going home. D. Only about half of participants (54.4%, n = 43) stated they received education on postpar- tum warning signs.
10. Which of the following has the most clinical significance?
A. The overall mean content needed by participants was 4.76 with a minimum of 1.7 and a maximum of 8.1 B. The top two unmet educational needs were related to baby care and feeding. C. On average across all topics, 20 women reported their educational needs had been unmet. D. For most of the items, approximately 40% of women who had their needs unmet had identified a high need for the information Plagiarism Free Papers
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