Please edit my paper and fix my grammar mistakes Short Term …

Please edit my paper and fix my grammar mistakes
Short Term Goal: 2.5
Type: Educational Goal
I will get a minimum of 90 percent in Fundamentals of nursing class by August 16, 2019. I will achieve it by attending all class’ meetings, completing assignments on time and passing each quiz, midterm and final exam with minimum 80 percent.
 Intermediate Goal: 1 year
Type: Personal
 I will lose 30 pounds by the end of June 2020. I will lose 2.5 pounds each month. To achieve this goal I will change my life style. I will reduce fat and salt from my daily diet. I will drink more water and eat more vegetables. I will also go to walk on my break times. I will eat low calorie and high fiber foods for my dinner.
 Long Term Goal: 22 months
Type: Educational
By April 2021, I will graduate from West Coast University with a BSN degree. I will accomplish this by earning a minimum grade of “C+” in all NURS courses. I also need to pass Medication math competence exam by earning a minimum score of 90 percent which is required in core clinical courses. To achieve this goal I need to study at least 5 hours a week per unit of each class. I also need to be present for each class and submitting my assignments on time to pass all classes.
Long Term Goal: 24 months
Type: Educational
I will pass the NCLEX RN exam on my first try by June 2021 after receiving the green light from West Coast University. I will take NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation because all that information I learned will still remain fresh in my mind. To achieve this goal I will practicing NCLEX style questions for 8-10 hours 5 days per week from reliable sources. I will also work on my stress management and test taking skills.
Long Term Goal: 27 months
Type: Professional
I will become employed as a register nurse by September 2021. I will achieve this goal by applying for available positions at least 4 days per week. I will start preparing for my job search before I graduate. I will take advantage of West Coast University’s career center that can help me with resume writing and developing interview skills. I will also join a professional nursing organization which will help me to build connections with other nurses that may help me advance my career.

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