PLANT PROPAGATION RESEARCH 2022 FINAL REPORT & PPT PRESENTATIONYour final report will have all the following sections in this order and in the format indicated.Title format for Paper and PPT: Propagation Research Project, (your project title), Plant Propagation, Professor Wiles, Spring 2022, (Davian Green Aviles)) [Centered]Paper format: Abstract through Conclusion – multiple paragraphs, (except abstract which is generally 1-2 paragraphs, left justified, double-spaced, all references cited:RESEARCH PAPERABSTRACT: (Summation of the importance of your project, your results, and conclusions)INTRODUCTION: (Hypothesis and scientific summary of the prior research related to your project)MATERIALS AND METHODS: (include all materials and methods, including trade names, sources, etc., sufficient that someone else could replicate your experiment – use details like those in your preliminary report)RESULTS: (Data – include quantitative and qualitative data, including photos, illustrations, charts)DISCUSSION: (Note what the results mean in terms of your hypothesis)CONCLUSION: (Was your hypothesis affirmed, denied, or inconclusive? How does this research advance science? What additional research does this experiment suggest as a follow-up?)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: (optional section – this notes the assistance of others for funding, donations, etc. that allowed for the research to occur)LITERATURE CITED: (All literature directly used in writing the final report and noted within the text) [List these alphabetically by the first author last name, one space between entries, in MLA format.]RESEARCH PPT PRESENTATIONYou will be presenting your research to the class online, so have a PPT that can point out the above – especially photos, illustrations and charts that are applicable.i used organic red Detroit beets, french radish and yellow tomatoes. seeds and mostly only the radish florish and the red beets dwindled

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